Terms And Conditions

1. Telephone/Pencil bookings are not acceptable.
2. Venue charges are subject to revision by the Managing Committee from time to time.
3. For a party to be considered booked, advance as under will be required to be deposited at the time of booking a party:
• 6 months or above: 50% venue charges.
• 3 months or less: 100% venue charges.
4. Balance payment should be cleared 90 days prior to event. Non receipt of balance payment may lead to partial forfeiture of your booking.
5. Preponement or postponement of booking can be considered only on written request from guest but shall be subject to availability of revised date. However on preponement or postponement 15% extra charges may be levied.
6. In case of cancellation of a booking, the following amount shall be deducted from the advance:
• 4 months or beyond: 50% refund and balance can be adjusted against future booking.
• Less than 2 months: 25% refund and balance can be adjusted against future booking.
• Less than 2 months (on wedding season): No refund.
7. Banquet halls can accommodate maximum guest as specified:
• Main Banquet: Upto 300 guests;
• Mini Banquet: 80 - 100 guests;
• Courtyard: 300 guests.
• Big Lawn: 200 guests;
• Small Lawn: 100 guests.
Please note that any increase in more than 10% of the expected guests list would result in 10% of extra payment on the banquet hall charges.
8. Any damages to the banquet hall, guest rooms & property will be chargeable. The charges depend on the extent of damage and are at the sole discretion of managing committee.
9. DJ/Music/entertainment permissible only up to 11 PM with respective licences and with permissible noise pollution levels. Management reserves the right to get the volume reduced or switched off in case if it exceeds permissible levels.
10. Consumption of liquor in the property is strictly prohibited unless the guest obtain a valid licence from the Excise Department of the WB Govt. Moreover, liquor to be served at the party should be bought from any authorized FL outlet having permission of excise department and the purchase voucher of the same should clearly mention the brand and quantity of the liquor purchased. The licence and the purchase voucher should be submitted to the authorities at least 48 hrs prior to the party, failing which the member will not be allowed to serve liquor in the party and may also amount to cancellation of the party & forfeiture of advance. Any violation of these rules may lead to serious consequences including criminal action by local Police/Excise Dept, for which the responsibility would devolve solely on the guest. The Management will not be responsible for any such violation.
11. Fireworks & Live counters are not permitted inside any banquet halls. Lighting of any sort of fireworks or setting up live counters inside any banquets will attract a penalty of Rs. 25000/-
12. Bands and DJ will be permissible on prior authorization from the concerned authority, by the guest at their cost. Management will not be responsible for such arrangement.
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside all banquet halls. Violation will attract penalty of Rs.500/- per person.
13. Guest hosting the party can take the handover of banquet not before 7 AM in the morning and party shall be allowed to continue till maximum 00.00 hours of the midnight. Extra Stay at the banquets will be charged @ Rs.2000.00 per hour.
14. The Check in Check out timing of guest rooms will be as follows:
• Check In: 12 Noon
• Check Out: 11 AM.
15. All disputes are subject to Howrah jurisdiction.